Ogus No-No's

(Content Compliance Policy)


Ogus does not permit content of the following nature:

-Explicit or Sexual Nudity (Excluding artistic representations, however, this shall be up to our own judgement)

-Any content which could be considered exceptionally innappropriate for minors (contains nudity, etc) should contain a basic notice at the beginning, no shorter than 10 seconds, informing that it is for mature audiences only.

-Any nudity or sexual content involving minors

-Realistic or graphic depictions of violence (dismemberment, abuse, torture, gore, etc)

-Content that the author does not hold the appropriate copyright or license for and is not protected by fair-use

-Content banned or prohibited by national / regional laws

-Content that overtly promotes hate or discrimination, or incites violence or otherwise promotes extremism

-Content that is or contains overt misinformation or false statements proclaimed as fact that can be disproven or “debunked” by primary sources –particularly if the misinformation has the potential or intent to cause harm (does not apply to satire, etc)